Anyone want to adopt my little tomatoes?

Anyone want to adopt my little tomatoes?


Growing tomatoes has been a big passion of mine since I arrived in Singapore 6 years ago. Some soil, planter boxes and few other little gadgets cost me over $200.

Tomatoes you buy in Singapore are either from Malaysia or Thailand and not quite like the ones that I used to buy in Sydney. Roma tomatoes and Vine ripened tomatoes are just amazingly delicious and cheap. Here in Singapore, it costs a bomb to buy a small punnet. So I decided to have a go at growing my own. What was I thinking!!  After nurturing day and night, finally I had my first harvest…. 4 little tomatoes were dangling from the plants and I sat and waited for  them to ripen so I could collect my first harvest. It was like watching paint dry…. zzzz

I wasn’t the only who were eyeing the tomatoes. One afternoon, I walked by my balcony and there was a little bird munching away one of my tomatoes! GET LOST!!!!!!!!  Gosh, was I angry and upset – I even went and bought a slingshot to chase them away!!  My initial investment of $200 divided by 3 tomatoes…. hmm… thats more than $60 per tomato!! It might have been cheaper to buy them from the supermarkets  in the first place. But of course not as much fun!!

Now, I have a wide variety of tomatoes flourishing on my balcony all safely protected from those nasty birds! Its great to taste all the different types and reminds me of being back in Australia. My next harvest is due soon, so I’ll let you know how it goes. Bring it on birdies – I dare you!! 🙂

I have 3 little baby tomato plants to give away. Anyone want to adopt one?  It takes 3-4 months to get nice red  juicy tomatoes. All they need is a small sunny patch, and regular water. Occassional conversations with them also seem to help!

Drop me a line!