Korean BBQ class

Korean BBQ class

Korean BBQ must be one of the most loved dishes of visitors going to Korea. Korean BBQ dishes were high on the list of  food to eat everytime I went to Korea with work colleagues. Those a little more daring tried the live octopus. I will leave this topic for next time. 🙂

Last Saturday was Korean BBQ class. We cooked bul go gi (불고기 -beef marinated in soy sauce), spring onion salad and fried anchovies. I thought spring onion salad would be a suitable dish to learn as most of Korean BBQ restaurants will serve it with the BBQ in Korea.

  • Fried anchovies were extra crispy and crunchy like biscuits. Koreans have this side dish with every meal as our parents always told us the anchovies are full of calcium.
  • Spring onion salad to accompany bul go gi

I prepared some steamed rice, lettuce to wrap the beef and the spring onion salad with,. I also brought out some kimchi I made a few weeks ago. I guess everyone enjoyed all the dishes as there were no leftovers to take away.

Next Korean BBQ class is on 30th October. Don’t forget to register early!