3 seconds of fame on Razor TV

My 3 seconds of fame on Razor TV… I was giving Korean cooking demonstration on Bibimbap and Ddubokyi over at Bukit Panjang Korean food festival and a few glimpses of me was captured… Well, that’s a start of being a star, right? ^-^

Korean food festival

Korean food festival

I was honoured when the organiser of the Korean Food Festival called to invite me to cook for the event. All the food which is sold at the event is directly imported from Korea and I was using these ingredients to demonstrate how to cook with them. What grab the most of my attention was their kimchi and fresh fruit. They also sell other items like ddukboki (rice cake), neng myun noodles (cold noodles), seaweed, rice and many more.

I bought a big bag of rice cake at the event and made dduk guk(rice cake soup) with the left over vegetables from my cooking class yesterday! Traditionally dduk guk is eaten on New Years day. The soup is clear and usually has just spring onions, beef and eggs but today was the kimchi soup version!

The Korean Food FestivalĀ  continues at Chinatown Point from Tuesday 20 July until Sunday 25 July and I will be at the eventĀ  from 12pm – 5pm demonstrating Korean cooking (except Saturday because of a cooking class!) Drop in and say Hi as it would be great to meet you all. I’ll be the one in the chefs hat!!