My husband’s birthday dinner

My husband’s birthday dinner

Apologies for posting this one so late. My husband’s birthday was in November and I am only now posting photos of his birthday dinner.

I decided to cook  only traditional Korean birthday dishes for my husband, without even asking him what he wanted for his party. We invited a group of our friends and it was interesting to see the different responses from all the dishes I cooked.

The first dish is called “hwang-te gui” (황태 구이). I tried to find an English name for this dish but no luck. Hwang-te is a dried fish and is normally cooked in a chilli sauce with garlic. Koreans eat this on special occasions and it’s also served with beers at pubs.

The second dish which turned out great is sweet and sour chicken (kkan-pung-gi-깐풍기). It’s a chinese dish but its also very popular in Korea. It’s fried crispy and mixed with sweet and sour sauce.

The next photo has 3 different types of dishes in one. The first one on the left is mung bean pancake(빈대떡). The one in the middle is fried fish(생선전) and the last one on the right is fried zucchinis(호박전). You will find these at a birthday dinner all the time. I remember cooking these whenever it was my father’s birthday or some other festive occasion (New Year, Thanksgiving, etc).

The most important dish out of all for a birthday is seaweed soup – mi yek guk (미역국). This soup can be cooked with beef or mussels although personally I prefer it with mussels. The shop is normally given to new mother for about a month after giving birth. It is supposed to aid with breast feeding. So to symbolise your birth and your mother’s hard work, it’s a must dish that you eat it on your birthday.

The other dishes I cooked were sweet poato glass noodles(jap che -잡채) and acorn jelly salad (도토리묵). Out of all the dishes I cooked, sweet and sour chicken was the most popular dish then followed by  the noodles.  It’s always great to see my friends enjoying my food!

All time favourite – gol beng yi muchim!

All time favourite – gol beng yi muchim!

Has anyone tried gol beng yi muchim (골뱅이 무침)? It’s a dish Koreans love eating when we are out at a pub drinking beer or soju.  It’s very spicy and sour and quite a heavy dish when you are drinking but you soon get used to it.

Other dishes we like eating when are drinking at the pubs include seafood pancake, dried squid with roasted peanuts and fried spicy chicken.  I should do a blog on the drinking culture next time I am in Korea, but suffice to say Koreans love their alcohol!!.

Main ingredients are top shells, chilli sauce and vinegar:

As for vegetables, slice cucumbers diagonally and chop some spring onions. Usually, you also add sliced onions, but I am not a big fan of eating them raw so I skipped it. The additional ingredient I added was dried squid which I soaked in the top shell liquid for about 20minutes to soften it up.


  • Mixing the sauce : 2 tbsp of chili sauce, 2 tbsp of chilli powder, 3 tbsp of vinegar(I used concentrated apple vinegar), 1 tbsp of sugar, 1/2 tbsp of minced garlic, some minced ginger, sesame oil and sesame seeds.
  • Add the sauce mix to the vegetables, top shells and dried squid


You can add noodles (somyun that I used in my previous blog) to make it a complete meal, but this time I used it as a side dish for dinner. Give it a try and let me know!