Tomato harvest

Tomato harvest

For those of you who followed my gardening journal will know that I have been trying to grow tomatoes for a long time. I had some success in growing cherry tomatoes but nothing to brag about. It’s impossible to grow tomatoes in Singapore but I have finally had some success. I harvest three tomatoes which are are as big as my palm.

I planted a few seeds in May and it was as tall as me by September. It survied a few storms along the way and after four and half months later, I get to finally taste the tomatoes. Not just any tomatoes, Florentine tomatoes from Italy. Talk about being patient!!



I have already harvested the first one and two waiting to be picked.




Doesn’t it look luscious?


I was waiting for one more day for them to ripe but I was a few seconds too late. Dam birds got to one of the tomatoes first and chewed up half of my tomato. 🙁




In September, I wrote a blog about some pumpkins growing among my compost. It’s now taken over the entire plot!! Lots of male flowers but no female flowers. You need female flowers in order to have pumpkins, just like cucumbers and zucchinis.






The leaves are so huge and I feel like using them for an umbrella. Hopely lots of yummy pumpkins to harvest soon!


I have just planted some basil and various types of tomato seeds. I would like to share these with balcony garden enthusiasts. I will let you know when they are ready for adoption. Happy gardening!! 🙂