Bangkok Balcony gardening update – harvest time!

Bangkok Balcony gardening update – harvest time!

It has been the nicest weather in Bangkok for last few months but looks like someone switched off the cool weather last week.  As of last week, it’s hot and humid. Before I complain about the crappy weather and my wilted garden, here are the results of my hard work and vegetables that were harvested.

All the radishes were harvested and we just ate them raw. They were so fresh and tangy. I was hoping to cook the leaves but there were too bitter. Some were a little soft which meant I left them in the soil too long.






I had about 11 long beans harvested and lightly cooked them with garlic, oyster sauce and fish sauce. It was so different to the beans bought from the store. I remember reading somewhere that fruit and vegetables have it’s best nutrients if they are eaten within 4 hours of harvesting. My balcony to the kitchen and to our dinner table took less than 2 hours and I am so looking forward to more of these beans.

long beans



long beans cooked



My latest creation  – There is  a man selling coconut juice in front of our condo every morning. My husband and I asked if we could have some of the empty coconut shells. He told us to take as many as we could because he doesn’t need them after the juice. I decided to use them to grow seedlings for sweet basil. Unfortunately, the shell is not too deep so I need to transfer them when they are big but for now it’s fantastic for my little seedlings. Best of all, it’s free and biodegradable!








My updates on my babies…. Well, they have grown so tall it was starting to worry me. They were supposed to be only 50 cm tall but now 1.8m!. I googled to see what I was doing wrong and  found out that it was a combination of the  hot weather and too much water. I stopped watering them every day and now only water them every 2nd or 3rd day. Also I have pinched all the side shoots to stop any more branches growing so  all the energy can go to flowers which then turn into tomatoes.


tomato bushes


As of today, there are 19 little cherry tomatoes growing and slowly ripening… It’s like watching wet paint dry, soooo slow! So far, we picked two little ones and had a taste test. They are sweet but the skin was too thick.


tomato harvest





Here are some photos sent by one my readers. I can’t believe how heathy the plants are.  The seeds were grown from store bought Jalapeno peppers.





Thank you all for sharing your Balcony gardening problems with me. It inspires me more to grow varieties of things and it really makes me happy seeing your photos. Happy Gardening everyone and next post will be on my visit to Korea. Yes, I am about to visit friends families and pig out and get cultured!