Korean Restaurant Review: Ja Gum Sung Bangkok

Korean Restaurant Review: Ja Gum Sung Bangkok

I am slowly making my way through all the Korean restaurants here in Bangkok. There are lots of Korean restaurants gathered around Korea Plaza (between Sukumvit Soi 10 & 12). It’s not the most authentic “little Korea” I have found, but it will have to do for now.

We went to a Korean Chinese restaurant called Ja Gum Sung (자금성). Korean Chinese restaurants are famous for two dishes – Black bean noodles(jja jang myun-짜장면) and Spicy seafood noodle soup (jjambong-짬뽕). I knew it would be hard to beat my favourite Korean restaurant in Singapore(Dong Bang Hong), but worth a try.

 We ordered seafood Jja jang myun . The sauce mainly consists of pork, seafood, and onions( and of course the black bean sauce).



The second dish  was the Seafood Jjambong. This was super spicy! Apparently, I found out later you can ask for less  spice (phet nit noi – my broken Thai).



The side dishes were pretty good. My husband commented how sweet the kimchi is. Personally, I prefer it to be a bit more spicy and salty 🙂




My husband I are usually order the above two dishes and share but here you can order half and half. It’s called Jjam Jja myun! I might have to try this one next time. (circled in the menu)

jjam jja myun


For those of you that want to try, here is the business card.




The entrance looks like this. It can be a bit hard to find.



I visited Sunday around 6pm and it was full  of Koreans which is a good sign, but we were lucky to get the last table. I recommend booking  a table in advance. They do deliveries as well.

Korean food at Bangkok Farmers Market

Korean food at Bangkok Farmers Market

We finally did it. Two days of pure excitement, fun and most of all, hearing all the great comments from the customers who came to visit my stall. It made me forget how tired I was. Without my friends, this wouldn’t have happened(you know who you are – thanks you!!) and also to my husband for his encouragement.  Thank you all lovely people!



If you were wondering what I was cooking and selling, here is our menu.




First, Hot Cinnamon Pancake (aka. Hodduk). I must have tested this recipe 10 times until I was finally satisfied. My aunt in Los Angeles has a shop selling hodduk and she shared her secret recipe. I thought mine was actually better though. We also played around with fillings including jam and nutella  to see if we could sell other flavours. In the end we stayed with the traditional sugar and cinnamon filling. It was a great success!

photo 2


Next, Organic Kimchi – this was my best seller. I have never had  much success with Kimchi in Singapore but I found using fresh organic cabbage  in Bangkok made so much difference. Check out the labels that my creative friend designed!!  I sold out the whole batch I made on the first day of the market and stayed up all night making more for the next day.

photo 2



Seafood pancake and bibimbap.

highres_277585262 (1)


My dear friends who helped out both on Saturday and Sunday. Once again, thank you!!!



sandra and Nicky


Enough about my stall, let me share some photos of the rest of the market. There were interesting and fun activities throughout the two days and even a live band to keep us bouncing.


My favourite bread stall – Urban Pantry, fantastic sourdough breads.



Organic veggies!! I love these baby carrots. Check out the colours of the lettuce…






I finally feel like I am being part of the community in Bangkok. I met some really interesting people who are working towards building a great community  here and I am proud to say that I am a part of it. Until next time….