Korean grocery store!

This is part of a series of blogs I will be writing on Korean grocery stores in Singapore. Will start on East coast side…

I visited Sol Mart branch at Leisure Park Kallang  today.  Sol Mart seems like a franchise chain as they are popping up everywhere.  The one at the Leisure Park is on level 2 between the pet store and the food court. They have a variety of items including dried vegetables, sauces, rice cake, and cooking utensils. You can pick up few food related bargains in the discount bins at the front of the store. They also sell stationary stuff, unusual combination I know, but I guess they are trying sell everything under one roof.  Sol Mart also has a online presence but it’s all in Korean and not that cheap. eg: 500g Sunchang chilli paste $8.70. You can normally find chilli paste much cheaper at Fairprice supermarkets.

The owners are friendly and seemed to have a good knowledge of ingredients. I asked them for a black bean sauce (jja jang sauce – 짜장 소스) that comes in  a powder form and they knew exactly what I was talking about.