• how to make handmade noodle soup -kalguksu-칼국수

    how to make handmade noodle soup -kalguksu-칼국수

    Another exciting class at Korean Tourism in Singapore last Friday! I was very ambitious and decided to prepare some dough for my students to hand cut noodles. We are making kal-guk-su(칼국수 – handmade noodle soup). …
  • Korean Tourism classes

    Korean Tourism classes

    Oh my, time really flys… It’s been too long since my last post.  Here are some class photos from Korean Tourism Singapore. I promise to be back sooner next time! Japche (잡채) class in February   …
  • Bangkok Balcony update July

    Bangkok Balcony update July

    It has been very very hot here in Bangkok. However occasional rain is cooling the city down. A nice cool breeze in the evenings makes it pleasant to have dinner on our balcony once in …

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