Spicy cold noodle(neng myun) with young radish kimchi!

You may remember from my previous blog on the young radish kimchi I brought back from Sydney in June. I have literally been waiting by the fridge for it to turn sour so I can make radish kimchi neng myun(cold noodle).

I finally made the neng myun over the weekend. I used arrowroot noodles that my parents brought from Korea in May and neng myun stock I bought from the Korean Food Festival. Then all I did was mix it with young radish kimchi sauce (3:2 ratio). Very easy! As you can seeĀ  in the picture above, I added ice cubes in the stock to make it very cold so it was perfect for the hot Singapore weather. My husband gave me two thumbs up!!

I will post the full recipe and welcome everyone who tries the recipe to share their photos and stories. Here is the recipe link.